Priligy, as well as its Generic Priligy alternative, are effective oral medicines for premature ejaculation prevention recommended for men who want to have longer, higher quality sexual intercourse. Generic Priligy acts basically the same as the brand one, but is in a much lower price range making it available to a larger number of men in Australia and around the world.

Both brand Priligy and Generic Priligy utilize the effect of Dapoxetine that allows a man to delay ejaculation by inhibiting serotonin transporter. Take it one or two hours before sex and enjoy longer lovemaking without the need to restrain yourself.

Dosage: 30mg 60mg 90mg
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How take Priligy.

The most common dose is 30 mg. Your doctor may decide to increase it to 60 or 90mg considering to your personal receptivity and other factors.

Take Priligy 1-3 hours before intercourse or other sexual activity.

Priligy can be taken with food or water, but mixing it with alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Priligy possible side effects.

Generic Priligy may have following side effects:






elevated blood pressure


irritability, anxiety